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Wotofo Ice Cubed RDA

2 - 3 Days Wotofo Ice Cubed RDA

World Wide Vape is the leading provider of vape e-cigarette (Rebuildable Drip Atomizers) RDA's in the USA. The RDA is by a long margin the most famous and prevalent framework among cloud chasers. People who crave forward to blow huge vapors and clouds need to look forward on an RDA. With an RDA, you simply trickle the fluid from a container into the tank by means of the drip tip. It is also known as redripping. RDAs often necessitate that you dripthe e-liquid inside, vape it off a few puffs, and then redrip some more. An extra preferred standpoint with this is you can switch up your fluids more redundantly, although for some carrying bottles with them all the time might be a difficult task.

Wotofo Ice Cubed RDA- Introduction

Wotofo Ice Cubed RDA is one of the best-selling e-cigarettes RDA'S available in the market.

Wotofo Ice Cube RDA is a versatile RDA that is compatible with a large number of box mods. Ice Cube RDA’s design is inspired from the Sapor Platform of Wotofo. Compared to the Sapor, this RDA must be kept running in double coil mode as you don't have the choice to close one side of the wind stream to run it as a uniform coil system. It has integrated its features and specifications so well that makes it one of a kind RDA.

Design and Structure of the RDA

Ice Cube has a full glass chamber, which allows you to see your build and monitor the performances of your RDA.The glass chamber gives the device a very beautiful look. In addition to its elegant design, the glass chamber is made of a very thick material which makes it almost impossible to break. To ensure that customers are not facing the heat waves while vaping, the producers have made sure that the glass chamber is heat resistant. It is highly recommended for vapers who are trying a dripper for the first time. The device’s velocity style deck is easy to build on, the glass chamber doesn’t cause any harm if the coil comes in contact with the chamber and there is minimal leakage in case a person over-drip. The O-rings in the device are very good. Moreover, the box also includes a set of spare O-rings, just in case one needs to replace the transparent ones that are adjusted on the device.

Wotofo Ice Cubed RDA- Features and Specifications  

  • Dimensions: 22mm by 22mm by 22mm
  • Heat Resistance Glass Chamber
  • Sleek Design with Slanted Corners
  • Deep Juice Well
  • Two-Post Velocity Style Deck
  • Quad Terminal
  • Two Terminals Per Post
  • 2mm Diameter Per Terminal
  • 2mm Post Holes
  • Square PEEK Insulator
  • Spit back Guard
  • Innovative Adjustable Top Cap Airflow Control
  • 8mm Broad cap Drip Tip
  • 6mm Wide bore Drip Tip
  • Gold-Plated 510 Connection

The Ice Cube RDA features a very innovative airflow system featuring dual airflow design with double slotted top cap, side tension build deck. It has a very deep well to store your juice, a velocity style deck and wide drip tip, a square insulator which makes it heat resistant and add to the durability of Ice Cubed RDA. The heat resistance is often seen up as a very integral part in any device as vape devices are usually subject to criticism when they are not able to put on insulated material which causes heat waves to destroy the essence of vaping. Ice Cubed RDA, however, have made sure that customers do not face any such issue and enjoy vaping to the fullest. Furthermore, since these vaping devices almost cost people a fortune, customers are in search of such devices that are long-lasting and durable. The new Ice Cubed RDA had added such elements to its device that makes it enduring and reliable.

List of items:

  • Ice Cubed RDA (1 pcs)
  • Broadcap Drip Tip (1 pcs)
  • 510 Drip Tip (1 pcs)
  • Bag of Spare Parts (1 pcs)

There is gold plated 510 connections to ensure good connectivity and conduction. The healthy conduction ensures that customers do not need to wait for long and get quick access to the heating in order to initiate vaping. All the individual components are tightly integrated, and the result is a well-integrated leak free design. Including Ice Cubed RDA, majority of its products allow minimal leakages which gives the customers a huge sigh of relief. The dripping is easy and there is a spit back guard. In case you are vigilant for an atomizer with a bunch of highlights and an awesome outside plan, then the Ice Cubed RDA from Wotofo ought to be a must have for your collection.

This is very sought-after RDA by Cloud chaser and flavor-oriented Vapers. Wotofo Ice cube RDA and other vape e-cigarette RDA's are widely available at our website. Its product code is 5232. In addition, you can also buy vape e-liquids, modstanks, and accessories at cheaper price from our website World Wide Vape.

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