WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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Wholesale Vape Tanks and E-Cig Tanks Distributor

World Wide Vape is United State’s biggest wholesale distributor of Vape Tanks. We are proud to tell our customers that their love has made us the country’s biggest network of Vapor Tanks and E-cigarettes supply.

We are leading in the industry where advanced and affordable vaping products are becoming a necessity. We encourage our customers to work with us by providing them bundle offers in addition to quality products and amazing customer support.

World Wide Vape is lead by a team of expert industry insiders. Advanced and quality vapor tanks and e cigarettes are our thing and we know the ins and outs of this industry better than anyone else. We offer initial orders at a few hundred dollars and our pricing structures are extremely affordable and competitive.

Tank Brands We Are Offering

Vaping tanks are one of the most important parts of a vape tank that seem to be fast replacing the trend of dripping e liquids on the wicking material. Wholesale vape tanks eliminate the need to carry your huge bottle of e liquid around. You can easily just store your e liquid into the tank once and forget about refilling until you have completely vaped the entire e liquid inside your tank. This makes things very easy and with the new technologies coming up, there is no limit to what your vaping kit is capable of.

World Wide Vape believes in quality rather than quantity and focusing that, we only work with vape brands who meet or comply with our high standards of quality. WWVape is working with the country’s top brands to ensure our customers get quality products meeting all quality and safety standards. That is why one of the most important features of wholesale vape tanks that wwvape.com supplies is the fact that they have minimal leakage which is one of the most difficult problems to solve when it comes to vape tanks.

The list of tank brands we have right now is:

Types Of Vape Tanks

There is a wide variety of vapor tanks available. Some tanks are all about flavor while the other ones are used for biggest clouds. There are vape tanks that are actually specially designed to excel in a specific style of vaping while there are tanks that can provide multiple styles of vaping simultaneously. It is important to differentiate these tanks based upon their specialties because different vapers want different things and when they know what tank fits their preference, they find it easier to work their way around the different settings of a vape tank.

A tank is basically a huge clearomizer. A big difference between liquid reservoirs is that they can store roundabout 1.6 ml of liquid while tanks tend to store much larger quantity, so you don’t have to fill them up again and again. Depending upon the tank, this could be anything ranging from 2 ml to 5 ml or even more.

In addition to that, vapor tanks are also made of glass, unlike clearomizers that are made of plastic. So, vape tanks have a stronger tendency of resistance against stronger e liquids such as cinnamon or citrusy that crack open the plastic. They also consist 510 connections, which is standard for mods and also work with eGo style connections.

Most vaporizer tanks also let you control the airflow to your coils. You can select a tight draw like a cigarette or a lose airy flow, producing vapor production at the cost of flavor. This airflow is also a very important part of flavor profile because better the airflow, better the liquid profile that stems from it.

Sub Ohm Vape Tanks

Sub Ohm vape tanks are one of the newest vape tanks in the market and present one of the best vaping experiences for all vapers. These tanks are, therefore, a huge hit in the market. However, the problem with these tanks is that they are not compatible with every type of vaping equipment and need to be controlled.

Sub ohm vape tanks are also similar to the basic vaporizer tanks but their coils are specifically low resistance, lower than one ohm which helps them boost vapor and flavor production. Sub ohms tanks can usually cope with higher-VG liquids easily without substantially harming the coils.

Overall, tanks and sub ohm tanks are just clearer images of clearomizers but this insight will help you select the best vape tank for you.

Features Of Vape Tanks

You know the tank makes big difference in vaping. It's as vital as your battery or choice of mod. If you have a high end vapor device with a quality mod but you don't have a related tank, the mixture will lead to an underwhelming experience with mediocre clouds and very little nicotine and flavor feel.

There are a lot of various features in different vape tanks. Most of the vape tanks come with Eco Universal Coil so that you only have to replace the wick and coil parts without changing the metal sleeve making it cost effective and you get to skip all the trouble of coil building.

High-quality vape tanks also include stainless steel material and temperature resistant glass which is really beneficial as the glass resists high temperatures during constant vaping.

Buy Online Vape Tanks In Bulk

We are the largest wholesale distributor of all vapor devices in the United States of America. We ship to all parts of the country. World Wide Vape also ensures our customers are getting the best possible deals from us with the best prices for all vape lovers.

It's not only about producing big clouds, it's about providing people with a healthy environment away from the dangers of cigarette smoke. World Wide Vape is a trusted wholesale dealer of all products related to vaping, specially vape tanks.

Our team consists of experts who know this industry well and we are always striving to provide our customers with better experiences and keeps them wanting more from wwvape.com.