WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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Drag 2 Mod by Voopoo

Drag 2 Mod by VoopooWorld Wide Vape is the leading provider of vape e-cigarette kits in the..

Elite Mech Mod by VGOD

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A-Priv Mod by Smok

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Aegis Legend Mod Limited Edition Zeus by GeekVape

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Aegis X Mod by Geekvape

Aegis X Mod by GeekvapeWorld Wide Vape is the leading provider of vape e-cigarette mods in ..

Alpha One 222W TC Box Mod by Voopoo

ALPHA ONE 222W TC BOX MOD BY VOOPOOWorld Wide Vape is the leading provider of Box Mods in..

CAPO 100 Mod by iJoy

CAPO 100 MOD BY IJOYWorld Wide Vape is the leading provider of Box Mods in the USA. CAPO 10..

Captain PD270 Mod with Battery by iJoy

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Captain X3 Mod by iJoy

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Charon 218W TC Box Mod by Smoant

CHARON 218W TC BOX MOD BY SMOANTWorld Wide Vape is the leading provider of Box Mods in the ..

Charon TS 218 Mod by Smoant

CHARON 218W TC BOX MOD BY SMOANTWorld Wide Vape is the leading provider of Box Mods in the ..

D-Barrel Mod by Smok

D-Barrel Mod by SmokWorld Wide Vape is the leading provider of vape e-cigarette kits in the..

Wholesale Vape Mods from USA's No.1 Distributor

Renowned far and wide as USA’s top vape mod distributor, World Wide Vape has provided you with the opportunity to purchase all of your vaping necessities from its online domain. WWVape has stocked its quaint inventory with different types of vape mods for users of all kinds under a single roof, or more accurately, under a single online portal.

Pertaining to different mechanisms, types and complexities, our website has taken the time to bring you a variety of brands that offer wholesale vape mods, and e-cigarettes fit for both the amateur and the advanced user.

Vape Mods Brands Offered By Us

Ranging from brands that offer disposable e-cigarettes including cig-a-likes to manufacturers of different types of customized vaping devices, World Wide Vape has been able to bring you all. Apart from manufacturing your average-sized vape box mods, Sigelei has taken the opportunity to customize mini box mods for the user who wishes to make a transition from starter kits to a lesser, advanced level.
Brands such as Smoant, Eleaf, and Ijoy have also been reputed for their temperature control state-of-the-art wholesale vape mods. Stocked with the likes of touch screen vape mods by Yep, WWVape has also managed to provide you with top-notch wholesale e-cig brands such as Smoktech, Wismec, Voopoo, Laseimo, Broadside, and Kangertech.

Features of a Vapor Mods

Remember the tagline: more is good. In contrast to vape pens and e-cigarettes, a vape mod consists of a more potent battery in its machinery, which makes it better than the former. Usually, most vape mods have a button on their external casing, which when pushed, helps to initiate a direct connection with the coil and the e-liquid.

In simpler terms, a vape mod consists of a battery, which when switched on, allows the coil head to produce heat so that the e-liquid can be heated, and vapor can be produced subsequently.

Types Of Vape Mods

With the introduction of e-cigarettes and customized, portable vaping devices, the practice of smoking cigarettes has been reduced. Wholesale vape mods are getting easily available, and with time, would definitely manage to drive cigarettes to extinction.

After the success of e-cigarettes and disposable cig-a-likes, vaping brands thought of customizing vape devices that consist of a battery that can produce better vapor, and thus allow the user to indulge in a throat-hit that stays for a long time. Mods were introduced purely for a user’s feasibility, but with time, they have evolved into a single-handedly sufficient vaping phenomenon.

Mentioned below are the types of wholesale vape mods that you’d need to know before tackling your first starter kit from our website.

Regulated Wholesale Box Mods:

Equipped with a plethora of technical content, a regulated vape mod consists of a microchip that is responsible for housing, managing, and therefore, regulating information on the device. Topped off with an LED screen, the microchip of a regulated vape mod brings you the best vaping experience through its numerous voltage, wattage and temperature control regulations.

A regulated vape mod allows you to mingle with its technical lingo, which is why it might be the perfect choice for  beginner and advanced users.  Regulated vape mod is not only immaculately safe, but is also present in various designs and styles for enhanced personal usage.

Unregulated Mechanical Mods

As the name suggests, unregulated vape mods consist of machinery that lacks the regulations and management control provided by the chip in regulated ones. Due to the absence of microchips, unregulated vape mods cannot be heated or powered as per your demands, and therefore, your vaping experience cannot be channeled to precise and appropriation.

Unregulated vape mods are provided with a single button on its casing that needs to be pressed in order to be used. They are equipped with a single battery that needs to be charged to the fullest for optimum vaping experience. Unregulated vape mods are probably best for advanced users, since beginners or intermediate vapers wouldn’t be able to get consistency, and therefore, wouldn’t be able to make the most of their vaping journey.

Pen Mods

After the success of disposable cig-a-likes, popular brands started to introduce pen mods that are less intricate and therefore, on an elementary level. Pen mods are classified into two types – Intermediate Pen Mods and e-Go Pens – which differ in their tank size and batteries as well.

E-go pens are quite basic, durable, and highly portable. Due to a limited battery life, their prices can hit the dirt road as they can be as cheap as $15, with tanks that can fill up to 1-2.5ml of e-liquid. Intermediate Pen mods are, however, quite versatile and consistent in their vapor production. They are equipped with a rechargeable battery which has a better life, and are, therefore, better than e-Go pens.

Pen mods are, therefore, advisable for people who wish to wean off smoking, and are looking for a better, healthier and easier alternative.

Box Mods

Equipped with all the vaping essentials and an inbuilt microchip set, a vape box mod is basically a vaper’s dream come true. Not only do box mods have functions for regulating current, voltage and wattage, they also come with interchangeable battery sets that can be easily replaced as per needs.

Box mods make vaping conditions for the beginner quite intricate, since dealing with a lot of technical minutiae at an elementary level might frighten the smoker who’s struggling to let go of his fundamental tobacco-smoking right.

Digital Mods

Digital vape mods have probably taken a step ahead of box mods. Digital mods are equipped with a microchip with a little extra ingenuity. Measuring the battery’s voltage, wattage and current might have become a thing of the past for digital mods.

The microchip system of digital mods is capable enough to measure and display the number of puffs you’ve taken with the device and provide you with minute technical information which perhaps, an avid advanced user would prefer to have.

Vapor Mods Supplier And E-CIG Mods Dealer:

Transitioning from smoking cigarettes to flavoured vaping devices has probably made weaning off tobacco an easier and doable feat. Leaving smoking abruptly can challenge your craving for nicotine. Vaping, however, helps you to taper off your nicotine consumption gradually since e-liquids contain different amounts of nicotine that is fairly acknowledged widely.

Similarly, World Wide Vape has brought you the opportunity to shop for topnotch vaping accessories which we assure you, are of premium quality. www.wwvape.com enjoys being one of the state’s top vapor mods supplier and e-cigs mods dealer, all of which are just a single click away from purchasing. Keep a lookout for your favorite vaping mods, and watch this space for exciting deals and sales offers.