WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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Maxus 100W Kit by FreeMax

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Aegis Max Kit by GeekVape

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Drag S Mod Pod Kit by Voopoo

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Drag X Mod Kit by Voopoo

The most classic symbol of DRAG is the extremely fast second suction, DRAG X continues this lineage...

Maxpod Kit by FreeMax

the FreeMax Maxpod Kit, it's a portable, powerful yet durable draw-activated open pod system. Wi..

Best Distributor of Vape starter kits wholesale in USA

Equipped with all the varieties of starter and advanced wholesale vape kits, World Wide Vape has brought you an online domain that excels in the needs and requirements of its customers. Celebrated as one of the best distributors of Vape starter kits wholesale in USA, wwvape.com holds the privilege of providing you with regal brands that excel in the domain of whole e cigarettes kits.

Packed with authentic batteries and mods, these wholesale vape kits have proven to be a worthwhile investment for people who wish to wean off smoking. Other than providing you with a variety of vapor kits on wholesale, our online shop also deals with hundreds of e-juice flavors which as ensured, would help you make the most of your vaping experience.

Our Brands of Wholesale vapor Kits

Our Vape starter kit wholesale will prove to provide the amateur e-cigarette smoker with a lustful nicotine experience. Renowned to possess the best starter vape kits, Aspire is probably one of the brands that is pretty hard for us to keep on the shelves. Best known for having colourful starter wholesale vape kits, Eleaf and Vaportech have found their way into our inventory as well.

Due to high  demand, we always find a way to restock the rugged yet sleek vaporizer wholesale kits by Smoktech and Vaporesso on our online shop. Wismec and Kangertech are best known for their easy-to-handle and portable wholesale vaporizer kits, which is why our online shop has taken the chance to provide you with this privilege as well.

KimsunJoyetech and Ijoy are perhaps some of our default choices for quality wholesale vape kits, since they are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and can give you a run or more adequately, a puff for your money.

Why so Successful?

In fact, another reason why vape kits are so successful is the fact that they are the only alternative that is like cigarettes, but very different. What this means is that a look into the different forms of “smoking cessation” devices invented over the years will reveal that most of those devices take a very different approach to helping the subject quit smoking. Nicotine patches or smoker gums, for instance, involve no aspect of nicotine inhalation and this is why they fail to make a mark on the world of smoking. Vapes, on the other hand, allow a very smoking like experience but without any harmful substances whatsoever. This makes vaping kit so much more successful than other alternatives.

Types of Vape Kits

Ever since people became more aware of the hazards of smoking tobacco, there arose a need to switch to a healthier, yet tasteful, alternative. But there was something more that vapes needed to do than to simply present an alternative. The addictive nature of cigarettes meant that it was extremely difficult to quit smoking and as it turned out, sudden withdrawal would lead to extreme headaches and cravings that were unbearable for the subject.

Now, vape kits are the equipment that allow you to counter this addiction. Since the addiction stems from nicotine, by allowing you the capability to manage your nicotine through your e liquids and vape starter kits wholesale, you could slowly lead yourself away from the addiction. Therefore, disposable cig-a-likes, e-cigarettes and starter or advanced vape kits are probably getting more popular by the day as an escape, and thus, a relevant alternative to smoking cigarettes.

Listed below are two of the most common types of vape kits that are widespread in the world of vaping:

Vape Starter Kits:

Smokers who wish to abandon their avid journey of tobacco smoking, and think it’s time for rehabilitation, cling to vape starter kits for utmost relief. Vape starter kits consist of a battery that might not be too large for a smoker’s liking, and therefore, would function with low voltage and low wattage as well.

Vape starter kits consist of battery style mods that aren’t too intricate and are quite feasible and portable to use for the novice e-cigarette smoker. Vape starter kits give you a satisfactory amount of vapor and run on batteries that can be recharged for optimum vapor production.

The main purpose of these kits is to make vaping easier for people who have never tried it. So, this kit is designed as a basic buffer between a person who does not vape and a professional vaper. That is why there is not much that you can change about this kit and very little that you can get out of it other than a basic vaping experience. Once you do get the hang of it though, you can move to Vape Advanced kits and try a whole lot of new things.

Vape Advanced Kits:

Vape advanced kits consist of Box Mods and Digital Mods, which run on, and therefore, exhibit far better technology than vape starter kits. Built with better execution power, vape advanced kits are known to provide the advanced user with minute details through their vape mods. Vape advanced kits might consist of a single battery or two, and extra cartridges to house more e-liquid as well.

These Vape Advanced Kits provide much more flexibility to the vaper than a vape starter kit. This may include special controls such as temperature control or coil setups of different types. The vape starter kits then also include better batteries and the ability to use custom atomizers that again guarantee better flavor and better cloud production. However, these vape kits cost much more than vape starter kits wholesale but the added benefits of these vape kits more than cover the extra costs incurred.

Features Of Our Wholesale Vaporizer Kits

Vape kits might differ in their anatomy, constituents and therefore, in technology as well. For instance, most e-cigarettes are reformed cig-a-likes and are shaped like pens for a much more portable use. On the other hand, vaporizer kits are extensive and come with an assortment of features such as the tank for e-liquid, atomizer, and the battery. A battery charger or a USB lead is however, necessary to charge the battery of the vape kit.

Different Vape Kits

This then also leads to a huge difference between the vaping experiences given by different vapes. For instance, the smallest of vaping kits, pod mods, are known to create very little vapor and have a very little battery time. However, they are popular for the immense nicotine feel that they generate that is sometimes even better than that of cigarettes. Moving on to vape pens, where these allow better cloud production and battery time but are a little less convenient to carry around than the vape pens. Moving on to Mod, you will find that the battery time improves considerably but convenience takes a hit. However, the vaping experience with a box mod far exceeds that with a vape pen or pod mod (given that you were not specifically looking for nicotine). Even better vaping experience comes with a box mod that is by far the biggest vape kit that you will come across.

Compartments in a Kit:

Often, however, you will observe that the vape kit is only a part of the vaping experience. What really makes a difference is the compartments in the kit that can be altered to produce better and better vaping experience. To help you make better choices in that regard, here is a description of the functions of different compartments of a vape kit:

MOD: Equipped with a battery, a ‘mod’ is responsible for heating the coil which produces vapor when switched on. Although it does seem to be a very complex device, there is not much going on inside that produces the vapor. A trigger button makes the connection of between the coil and the batteries. This heats the coils, which in turn heats the e liquid, causing it to evaporate and produce vapor.

COIL: Preferably known as the driving force of the e-cigarette or the vape kit, the coil is responsible for producing the vapor. Most vape kits have pre-built coil heads as well, which are responsible for heating the e-liquid adequately. They are known more exotically and therefore, in literal technical terms, as atomizers.

There are different kinds of advanced atomizers, such as the Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (RDA) which is for more advanced users and can therefore, be found in advanced vape kits. The Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer involves a system of dripping your e liquid directly over a wicking material which heats the material and makes vapor. RDAs belong to the category of atomizers known as RBAs (Rebuildable Atomizers). This category also includes another major type of atomizer called a Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA) which allows you to pour e liquid in a tank rather than pouring it over your wicking material over and over again. A Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer (RDTA) combines the features of an RDA and an RTA.

Coils inside a vaping kit often burn out. This happens for a number of reasons which may include vaping too much or using liquids that are very sweet. However, even if you do vape at an optimal rate with e liquids that are not very sweet, your vape coils will burn out because they have limited life. So, every now and then you have to change your vape coil or you could build a new one according to your own preferences.

CARTRIDGE: The cartridge or the tank is basically a compartment that houses the e-liquid. In most portable forms of e-cigarettes, the cartridge and the atomizer come together as a single unit and are therefore referred to as the Cartomizer.

WICK SYSTEM: A wick system is basically a conjunction between the tank and the coil head. It carries the juice to the coil, so that it can be heated, and therefore, vaporized. The wick system is a directly opposite feature of the tank system which requires you to pour your e liquid once rather than dripping e liquid over your wick over and over again. However, a drawback of the tank system is that the liquid often leaks out of a tank while a wick system allows you to produce more and more vapor and better flavor.

E JUICE: With a variety of e-juice flavors ranging from mint tea to smoked coffee from our online shop, the e-liquid is one of the most essential counterparts of an electronic cigarette or vape kit. E juice contains nicotine, albeit, in different amounts, so that an amateur e-cig user wouldn’t have any trouble to wean off smoking. E liquids are, contrary to popular beliefs, made entirely of organic material. The four main ingredients of a vape juice are Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), flavoring and nicotine. E juices allow you to vary the level of PG and VG to change the vapor to flavor composition of the e liquid and to alter the nicotine strength of the e liquid.