WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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USA’s No.1 Wholesale Vape Replacement Coils Distributor and Supplier

World Wide Vape is the top wholesale distributor of vaping supplies including vape replacement coils. Since 2012, we have been providing vapers with the high-quality vape coils at affordable rates. The whole idea behind the vape coils is to save money for vapor enthusiasts as the non-replaceable clearomizers needed to be thrown away once they were used. It was not only getting expensive but also wasteful. The replaceable coil solves both the problems. WWVape brings to you quality vape cheap vape coils from the best brands around the world.

Brands Offered at WWVape

From brands that offer the classic coil to the customized vaping devices, wwvape.com ensures to bring the best vaping experience to you all. We offer premium brands like AspireEleafGeekvapeIJOYJoyetechKangertechOBSSmoktechUwellVaporessoVaportechWismec and Yakuza. We bring only the best to the table.

Vape Replacement Coils

For the purpose of heating up the e-liquid for the production of a vapor, coil head is essential. The coil head has two part; a heating element and a wick. The E-cigarettes are useless without a working coil. It is a simple but an essential part of the vape products. It is important to buy an E-Cigarette device. Not all coils are created the same. While they do the same job, it is important to choose the one which is compatible with your device. There are some best premade coils you can check them out.

Types of Vape Coils

There are varying styles of vape coils offered at the World Wide Vape which can normally be divided into two types; top coils and bottom coils.

  • Top Coils

Top coils consist of a long stem and are replaced by the top of the clearomizer.

  • Bottom coils

Bottom coils as indicated by the name are placed at the bottom of the clearomizer.

They both work the same, but one must choose the coil according to the vaping product they are using.

Features of the Coils

The coil contains a wick as well as a coil bundle. The main purpose of the coil is to atomize the liquid. An effective connection between the flute, coil and the battery results in an effective vaping experience. It is important to ensure that the seal of your vaping device is in check so that excess liquid doesn’t reach the coil. The coils are disposable items which require replacement after every time. If you are experiencing a burning taste in your mouth while vaping, the coil probably needs to be replaced.

Burnt Coils:

The burnt taste already mentioned is often difficult to detect given the versatility in flavors in so many different types of e liquids. However, if you keep vaping, the taste will keep tasting more and more burnt as the coil deteriorates. One of the most important reasons that coils burn out is the most basic idea that vape coils have a limited life. They are not supposed to last as long and that is why they burn out soon enough.

The time your wholesale vape coils lasts will depend on a number of factors such as the frequency of vaping and type of e liquid you use. The frequency of vaping will depend on whether you chain vape or not. Chain vaping is not a recommended practice when it comes to vaping kits and it is always advised that you let your vaping kit sit for some time between vaping sessions. The type of e liquid includes the fact that an e liquid that is too sweet, and hence contains too much VG content is known to gunk up your coils and burn them. So, if you are someone that loves your dessert themed e liquids, you will see yourself changing your coils way too often. But if you get the right coils, you will see yourself going miles before your coil burns.

However, not every time that you taste the burnt e liquid will your coils be burnt. Sometimes, the problem may lie in your own mouth too. This happens when you get a condition called the “vaper’s tongue”. This is when you get a diminished taste from your vaping because of your taste buds and nose being harmed due to extreme vaping habits. Vaping tongue may also stem from dehydration which is why it is recommended that you keep drinking lots and lots of water between your vaping sessions.

How to Make Your Coil Last Longer?

Although it is true that you must not expect a lot from your vaping coils, it is also true that you can make your coil last a little longer. In this, one of the best ways is to buy only premium wholesale vape coils that come from trusted manufacturers. Next, if you regularly clean your vape coils, you can expect your vape coils to last much longer than coils that are never cleaned. Moreover, if you vape the right e liquids that are not as sweet and also have great quality, you will certainly not need to change your coils as often.

Things to Consider Before Buying E-Cig Coils

For the purpose of getting the best out of your vaping experience and buying the coils, consider this:

It is important to know the ohm level of your device and buy the coils accordingly. If the voltage is extremely high, it will most likely result in burning. It can not only damage the coil but will result in an unpleasant taste. Therefore, you should buy coils keeping in mind the voltage that you will use and hence keeping in mind the material of the coil. Make sure to buy the coils in bulk to prevent running out of them as regular vapors need to replace the oil regularly. It is important to let the coil cool down – again, chain vaping is never recommended. It is important to take smaller breaks before vaping. The brands of the coils do matter. Not all the coils are same. Hence, we have gathered the coils from the best brands that will not harm your vaping device and will last longer.