WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Treat Factory

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Treat Factory E LIQUIDS

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Buy Treat Factory Vape E Juice and E-Liquid Flavors in USA

The vaping community has been exponentially growing over the last few years. People have reduced their dependence on cigarettes and moved to this new mode of smoking. However, this shift has not just occurred merely because people have come to love technology, but because the vaping technology enjoys several advantages over conventional cigarettes. The chief of these advantages is the fact that vapes allow increased flexibility to consumers in both their flavor choices and nicotine strength where cigarettes stick to rigid standards of flavor and nicotine. In addition to that research has proven that vapes are much less harmful than their traditional counterparts.

The charm of vapes comes from its e liquids, which come in various strengths of nicotine and multiple exciting flavors. Manufacturers tend to produce e liquids as a part of a series that have a common theme, such as fruit, salts, coffee, desserts and so on. Of these series, the most common series is the dessert series, because there is so much to experiment with in this theme.

The Treat Factory is one of the well-known dessert-themed series of e liquids manufactured by the Air Factory, which itself is a massive name in the industry. The series consists of 4 sweet flavors, KookieKrunch, Custard Craze, Jaw Dropper and Lemon Glaze. The flavors are available in three nicotine strengths in 100ml bottles. The PG to VG ratio on these flavors is a 30/70.

Why is Treat Factory Juice the Best Vape E Juice?

The flavors in the treat factory series are not just ordinary flavors. They are unusual flavor combinations with great execution. The manufacturers use only the best real ingredients for their vape juices, which is evident from the flavor. In addition to that, the Treat Factory has a very distinctive design on its bottle and packaging which are evidence of the great skill of the manufacturers in all departments. Moreover, all this at this price is a tough find.

Why Should You Buy Treat Factory E-Liquid?

The Air Factory has been in the business for quite some time now. They have manufactured series that have achieved success and dominated their competitors throughout their run as manufacturers. The consumers know this, and also believe that the Air factory have learned from their mistakes in the past and refined their juices to be the best out there. You should buy these juices owing to the great skill of the manufacturer and the quality of the juice.

How to Choose the Best Treat Factory Flavors?

With so many good flavors in the market, there is always a better flavor than what you are already smoking. But, you have to choose which one you want to have. So, here is a review on each of the flavors of the treat factory series to help you decide which one gets to be your favorite:

  • KookieKrunch: The KookieKrunch has minimal chocolate chip flavor in it. The texture is somewhat gooey and not wholly a cookie flavor, but it does have excellent taste. In addition to that, the flavor is not overly sweet, and it does not have any throat hit.

  • Custard Craze: The custard craze has a vibrant and dense texture. The flavor also seems to have a vanilla tinge to it. The manufacturers say that it is a “supreme combination of custard and cream” and it is a combination. The flavor does not have an overpowering aroma, but the cloud production is excellent.

  • Jaw Dropper: The Jaw Dropper has a fantastic candy flavor to it. The texture is excellent but undefinable in a way. The flavor is sweet but is not overpowering. The flavor flows smoothly, and there is no throat hit.

  • Lemon Glaze: The flavor has a very distinct and robust lemon smell. The flavor has a pastry texture to it. Neither the citrus nor the sugar is too overpowering. The taste is an all-day vape with the smoke that it has. The throat hit on the flavor is zero.