WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The Drip Factory

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The Drip Factory E LIQUIDS

HEAVENLY HAZE E-LIQUID BY THE DRIP FACTORYWorld Wide Vape has been the leading company in provid..

Drip Factory E Liquid and E Juice Flavors in USA

The vape industry is booming with business due to the great demand for this current trend. Every manufacturer is trying to come up with perfect blends of e juices that attract their customers and keep them in the business. However, barely anyone ever has done a job as good as the Drip Factory to manufacture such an amazing series of dessert-themed e liquids.

The Drip Factory line of e juices has been on the market for a while now. They are one of the most sought-after juices and are best sellers for any online platforms that sells them. The series consists of 3 flavors available in 30ml bottles but also sold in a bundle pack of 90ml. The flavors come with catchy names, which are, Heavenly Haze, Peachy Pipes and Sweet Silos. The flavors are available in 4 different nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg. This is the charm of vaping, that it allows flexibility not only in terms of flavors but also in the nicotine content that you want to consume. This flexibility has been known to help people who want to quit smoking by giving them a method to gradually reduce their nicotine content until they have reduced their dependence so much that they no longer need to intake nicotine.

The PG to VG contents on these delicious flavors is a 30/70. So, it is easier to deduce that this is a flavor for smoke chasers, which is characterized by high a VG content. But still, you cannot classify this e liquid as being only a cloud chasers e liquid because it still has a decent proportion of PG that keeps the flavor flowing in. The flavors are widely available at any online platform or with any licensed retailers around USA with wwvape.com providing the best prices.

Why The Drip Factory Liquid is the Best E Liquid?

The Drip Factory is a huge name when it comes to vape liquids. The series has had its fair share of success and is still amassing more of it. The flavors are made from the best ingredients available to give them the amazing flavor that the consumers so like in them. The packaging of the flavor is also amazing, with all the important information both on the box and the bottle, the vivid colors used on the packaging appeal to vapers of all ages and preferences. The Drip factory has also released the flavor in a bundle pack that cost a little less for their valued customers.

Why Should You Buy The Drip Factory E Juice?

The Drip Factory has not only just made sure to release a series in the market, but have also taken all the precautions that have to be present. They have posted all the warnings on the packaging and developed childproof bottle caps and tamper-proof seals that help you avoid any spillage or any sort of mixing before it reaches you, the final consumer. All that combined with the great flavor quality are reasons enough to justify buying the drip factory e liquid for vapers everywhere.

Choose the Best Flavours of The Drip Factory

Although the series has only 3 flavors, all of them are fantastic. This makes the job of choosing the best flavors extremely difficult. But, here is a short review on all the three flavors in the series to make it easier for you to find your favorite flavor:

  • Heavenly Haze: The heavenly haze is a pineapple flavor, which is a very rare flavor in the mainstream vape market. The flavor has a gummy texture since it is a candy themed flavor. The liquid has only one flavor (pineapple) which makes it a very fine flavor. The flavor also has a certain freshness to it, that will keep you up. The flavor has no throat hit and is a great flavor all in all.
  • Peachy Pipes: The Peachy Pipes has a very strong candy flavor on a peach. The texture is gummy, but the flavor is very fresh. The candy on the flavor does not overpower the flavor. The 70 VG on the flavor really helps it get the amazing dense clouds that the flavor has. In addition to that, the pure simple fruitiness of the peach, unaltered by any other flavor is something that every vaper should try.
  • Sweet Silos: The main flavor on the sweet silo is the watermelon combined with the gummy texture that is typical of a candy themed flavor. The flavor has no extra sweetness to it that replicates the exact flavor of a watermelon and helps keep you refreshed. The vape has great smoke with no throat hit which makes it an all day vape.

Although these flavors all have a very unique edge to their flavors, it is a truth that must be acknowledged that there exists no one best flavor ever, mostly because no two vapers will taste one flavor the same as the other, and so every vaper will have a different thing to say about their vape juice. However, if you want to choose the very best drip factory labs e liquid, look to assess them with the following factors:

  • Nicotine content: If you want to have the most amazing vaping experience, make sure that the e liquid that you choose has an appropriate nicotine strength. If you go for either more, or less than what nicotine strength you are used to, you will not be able to enjoy the e liquid at all.
  • Flavors: Although the three flavors of the drip factory labs are some of the best e liquids in the industry, you have to know which one suits you the best. If you have a knack for candies and love the juiciness of watermelon, go for the sweet silos. On the other hand, if you have a thing for peaches, you should try peachy pipes and if you want the best pineapple e liquid ever, just go for the heavenly haze and you will not be disappointed. But, by all means, do experiment with your flavors.