WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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Pod System

Air Kit by Suorin

AIR KIT BY SUORINWorld Wide Vape is the leading provider of vape e-cigarette kits in the US..

Air Plus Kit by Suorin

Suorin AirPlus Pod System Kit 930mAhWorld Wide Vape is the leading provider of vape e-cigar..

Drop Kit by Suorin

DROP KIT BY SUORIN World Wide Vape is the leading provider of vape e-cigarette kits in the USA..

Buy Suorin Wholesale Vape Products and Accessories Online in the USA at WWVape

The Suorin is a growing brand whose sole focus is ensuring that people with cigarette addiction can find a comfortable and exciting way to get rid of their habit. Sourin offers a massive variety of products that are available on WWVape. The company’s sole focus is on the designing aspect with a strong emphasis on enhancing it ergonomically.  They prepare a fantastic set of kits that are durable and of high quality. The main reason that they have a massive chunk of market share is due to the dedication and focus that the company has in the designing and processing of the vape kits. They make use of high profile technology to ensure perfect and easy to use vape device. They have a huge local and foreign market share and are considered as one of the most reliable brands for vaping devices.

Suorin Kit

Suorin Kits are known for their sleek, all in one look. The main idea behind their design is to make it as compact as possible. They have an amazing mix of technology and style mixed into one. The most famous Suorin Air starter kit is one of its kind. It is well known for its very sleek credit card type look. The starter kit provides you discretion that as a new vaper you might need. Sourin also offers a better and much-advanced version of starter it in the form of Suorin Drop starter kit. The kit has a switch, USB cable for charging, 2ml cartridge and an indicator. The kit is once again designed in the sleekest way possible. The shape of a water drop, which makes it very easy to carry around. So you can vape all you want and in a color of your own choice as it comes in 7 different colors.

Suorin Tank

The Suorin tanks are designed as a minimalist vape device. The tanks are of plastic and can be very easily filled after dismantling the battery. The Suorin drop offers an amazing opportunity for the vapers. They can enjoy two different e-liquids at once with the Suorin drop vape device. Unlike many starters and sleeker shaped kits, Suorin tanks are refillable, so you do not have to dispose of the vaping device once the liquid ends.

Suorin Liquid or Juice

Suorin Drop can be very conveniently filled with two Suorin liquid at once. So now you can enjoy a combination of Suorin juice without having to switch vape devices. The Drop allows two liquids to be filled and thus enabling you to enjoy a mix of flavors that are tantalizingly refreshing for your taste buds. The fantastic exotic blends will enable the vaper to enjoy perfect taste with a fresh feel.

Suorin Mod

Mods are the most powerful element of any vaping device, and Suorin Mods are the best of their kind. The mods give a power up to 220W. Now you can enjoy a compelling vaping experience that will help you get the most perfect and most satisfactory vaping experience ever. They come with refillable cartridges, and this is why you do not need to replace the whole vape device, but you can enjoy by just refilling the tank with the e-liquid. The Suorin Mod is designed in the sleekest and compact design. The Suorin Mod is very easy to use and refill. This is why it is one of the most sought-after vape mods in the market.

Suorin Coils

Suorin Coils are one of the best coils; they offer complete resistance. The coils and the atomizer must be in synchronous with each other so that there is no issue while vaping. The coils are perfectly designed with long-lasting capacity. The reason the coils are in high demand is that of their long lasting life.

Suorin Charger

The Suorin charger comes in two forms, the USB cable charger, and the micro-USB charger. The chargers are extremely safe, with high-speed charging and accuracy as required. The chargers that are provided by Suorin are of high quality, and thus they help in enhancing your vaping experience.

Suorin Battery

The Suorin batteries are of high quality, and therefore they do not discharge quickly. They give full amperage as promised. The lithium-ion batteries made by Suorin are just the perfect choice for any vaper. The vape device has inbuilt short-circuit detector which prevents the board from getting short-circuited. This inbuilt safety feature ensures an excellent and safe vaping experience for the users. As a vaper you need to be careful about the battery discharging, the battery should never discharge beyond 2.5v and should never be overcharged. Overcharging may cause damage despite the high quality of the cell.