WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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Juul Deluxe Kit by Juul

JUUL DELUXE KIT BY JUULWorld Wide Vape is the leading provider of vape e-cigarette kits in ..

Juul Kit by Juul

JUUL KIT BY JUULWorld Wide Vape is the leading provider of vape e-cigarette kits in the USA..

Juul Replacement Pods 50mg (2-Pack) by Juul

Juul Replacement Pods 50mg (2-Pack) by JuulWorld Wide Vape is the leading provider of vape ..

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Juul Replacement Pods 30mg (2-Pack) by Juul

Juul Replacement Pods 30mg (2-Pack) by JuulWorld Wide Vape is the leading provider of vape ..


Juul Replacement Pods 30mg (4-Pack) by Juul

Juul Replacement Pods 30mg (4-Pack) by JuulWorld Wide Vape is the leading provider of vape ..


Juul Replacement Pods 50mg (4-Pack) by Juul

JUUL PODS BY JUULWorld Wide Vape is the leading provider of vape e-cigarette kits in the US..

Buy Juul Wholesale Vape Products and E-Cigarette Accessories in USA

Smoking has been in practice from as far back as 5000 BC. The primary usage then was in rituals. Slowly, however, people discovered tobacco and started to move towards it for smoking. That was how the smoking practiced today started. With time, it changed form and every now, and then a new type of smoking device would be introduced, and people would rush to buy it.

Over the past couple of years, the narrative for smoking has been shifting rapidly to vapes and e-cigarettes and away from conventional cigarettes. Taking advantage of the situation, many firms have entered the market for these products and have looked to better the trade while increasing competition. At present, several producers in the market are responsible for innovations that have improved the technology and taste of this type of smoking.

Juul has been the most famous and most talked about brand for the last couple of years when it comes to Vape Products and E-cigarette products. Operating on different social media platforms including Twitter, Juul has an entirely different class of its own. They have not only focused on making the best products for their customers but have focused on the best campaigns. For instance, they have helped cigarette smokers shift from cigarettes to their e-cigarettes through campaigns.

The audience response to Juul campaigns has been tremendous. With favorite news channels predicting sales to rise by 800 percent, the Juul manufacturers offer nothing but the best. Their customers are well aware of this and are therefore willing to invest in accessories provided by Juul. These accessories are widely available all around the US with licensed retailers and online stores.

Juul Liquid and Juice Flavors

Juul Liquids and Juice flavors provide a sense of confidence to the Vaper. The beautifully designed packaging and vibrant colors add to the appeal of the product. The Liquids are available in many different flavors. Some of these flavors are Cool Mint, Virginia Tobacco, Creme Brulee, Fruit Medley, Mango, Cool Cucumber, classic Menthol and Classic Tobacco. The flavors are made with the best ingredients and are a delight for any vaper out there.

Juul Vapor Pods

The Juul Liquids and flavors are not available in small bottles. Instead, Juul Vapor operates with pods. Pods are small discs that hold the flavored liquids. These pods are attached to the kit to be used with it. The kits are not refillable and are kept small keeping in mind the convenience of carrying the device around. The fact that the disc is small has little or no effect on the flavor itself. The pods have a 5% nicotine concentration that is unalterable and contain 0.7ml of liquid. The pods are high quality and are intricately designed to fulfill their purpose without causing any disruption while always adding style to the kit, and confidence to the smoker.

Juul Starter Kit

The Juul starter kit is a slim, rectangular box with room to attach flavor pod. The kit is called the Vaporizer Starter Kit V3  and is as brilliant in its function as is beautiful. The kit comes with a year-long warranty by the Juul brand itself that covers any malfunctions or disruptions in the function of the device. The device also comes with a pack of multi-flavored pods to be used with the device.

The vape kit is relatively simple to operate with no buttons or complex operations to set up. The only requirements are that the device is charged and the flavored pod is attached correctly. The charging indicator helps the user know when to charge. A simple double tab will enable the indicator that will give out color-coded signals to help the user understand when to charge the device.

Juul Mod

A Mod is a name given to the technology of e-cigarettes. The Juul mod promises no throat burn through their own patented technology. This is a tremendous achievement for the manufacturer as the throat burn is a crucial factor in the choice of the mod for consumers. The Juul Mod is the best and highest rated mod available on the market with the most sophisticated circuitry yet the most readily usable.

Juul Coil

The coils on the Juul starter kit are responsible for heating up the liquid and making vapors. The coils on the Juul are nickel coils, and like every other vape kit, it is imperative that the coils be replaced now and then depending upon usage.

Juul E-Cigarette Charger

The Juul starter kit comes with a magnetic USB charger. Without the charger, it is impossible to charge the device, and although sometimes people may use different chargers, it is highly advised that only Juul Chargers be used for charging the device. The chargers are efficient and can charge the device in under an hour. The charger can be connected to any USB Port (laptop or computers) to enable the charging.

Juul Battery

The battery on the Juul is long lasting and is very sleek and finely designed to keep the device slim and stylish. The battery also comes with a year-long warranty. The battery uses a fast charging feature to make sure that the user does not have to wait to enjoy the pleasures of the Juul pod.