WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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26650 4200mAh Battery by Imren

The 26650 4200mAh Battery by Imren is one of the latest additions to the WWVape lineup. WWVape U.S. ..


IMR 18650 3.7V 3500mAh 15A/30A Flat Top Battery by Imren

IMR 18650 3.7V 3000MAH 35A VAPING IQ World Wide Vape is the leading provider of latest vape batteri..

IMR 18650 3200mAh 40A 3.7v Batteryby Imren

IMREN IMR 18650 3200MAH 40A BATTERY FLAT-TOP- GREEN World Wide Vape is the leading manufacturer of ..

Buy Imren Wholesale Battery & Charger in the USA at WWVape

Imren technology is an electronics company and they develop batteries and chargers for the vape. It is located in Shenzhen, China. They founded this company to fulfil the demand of portable power lithium-ion cell (battery). They have now produced a large selection of quality batteries and accessories to allow you to choose the best one for you. They are authorized dealer of many vape brands and are supplying batteries to them. A wide variety of Imren vape batteries is available on WWVape. You can buy them from there at wholesale rate.

Imren Battery

Imren batteries are now used widely in products all over the world. They are also supplying vape batteries to many vape brands all around the world. Imren vape batteries provide you consistent vaping experience all day without worrying about the battery dying. IMREN 18650 is a 3500mAh battery. It provides you long time vaping experience when fully charged. It is a 30 ampere 3.7V High Drain Flat-Top Battery. World Wide Vape also offers IMREN IMR 18650 3200mAh battery in a sleek and compact design. It is a highly durable battery with several features that transform it into the first choice of mods, e-cigarettes, and vape tanks users. The rated capacity of the battery is 3200mAh 40A. IMREN IMR 18650 battery operates at a minimum voltage of 3.7V.

Imren Charger

Along with batteries Imren is also known for producing high-tech vape chargers. Their chargers are not only compatible with Imren batteries, but they can also charge other batteries. AWT L8 8 Channel Battery Charger by Imren is capable of charging eight batteries at a time. It features a digital LCD which shows the charging status. It prevents batteries from overcharging by stopping automatically when batteries are fully charged. It features reverse polarity protection to protect batteries if you accidentally insert them in wrong way. It is compatible with 3.6V/3.7V Lithium Ion IMR Batteries.