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Autopod50 Pod Mod Kit by Freemax

Touted as The World's First Double Mesh Pod Mod Kit, the Freemax Autopod50 Pod Mod Starter Kit d..

Maxpod Kit by FreeMax

the FreeMax Maxpod Kit, it's a portable, powerful yet durable draw-activated open pod system. Wi..

Maxus 100W Kit by FreeMax

Maxus 100W Kit contains Fireluke 3 tank and Maxus 100W mod. The Fireluke 3 tank is upgraded version ..

Maxus 100W kit by Freemax (Metal Edition)

World Wide Vape is the leading provider of vape e-cigarette kits in the USA. Freemax Maxus..

FreeMax Vape Products and Accessories in USA

The vaping trend is fast replacing the cigarette trend, and there’s not much that can be done to stop this shift. Given the advantages and flexibility that vaping has over conventional cigarette smoking, it is evident that there is only a matter of time that vape becomes heavier on both sides. With numerous flavors in vaping, the significant cost advantages, less hassle of carrying lighters and breakable cigarettes, it would not be an understatement to say that the face of smoking is now vape; not cigarettes. Let’s also not forget that vapes are considered much less harmful than cigarettes which is one of the reasons that people are looking to quit cigarettes, tend to substitute it for vapes.

The FreeMax manufacturers are not only one of the leading manufacturers in the market of vape products and accessories, but also one of the leading innovators. With several patented products launched on the market, FreeMax takes pride in the fact that they have the backing of the law in whatever they do. Their clearance by the certificate authority is a testimony to this fact. Furthermore, they offer support to their customers through 24-hour helplines and express gratitude at any visits that customers might undertake. FreeMax also takes pride in the high quality of their products and invests enormous sums in Research and Development to further the vaping technology and lead from the front. Although FreeMax began in the city of Shenzhen in China in 2013, it also works as an exporter to markets around the world. The products are available all around the US with leading distributors.

FreeMax Tank

The tank on a vaping device is responsible for holding the flavor of the smokers’ choice and is a part without which the Vape is no good. A Vape tank is not only used to hold the flavor but also contributes to the rich experience of smoking vape. So, it would not wrong to suggest one of FreeMax’s very own tanks. Goes without saying that the tanks that FreeMax offers are not only high quality but durable. The Fireluke, produced by FreeMax itself, is an example of the kind of tanks that are highly valued in the vaping world. The tank comes with a 25mm diameter and can hold up to 5 ml of E-Liquid. Not only that, the tank is available in 12 different colors and a variety of finishes, which stand to validate the fact that this product has been designed to cater to style as much as for quality.

FreeMax Sub Ohm Tanks

FreeMax is the pioneer in the Sub Ohm tank technology. Being a patent holder for this technology, FreeMax is responsible for having developed the first ever airflow adjustment Sub Ohm tank. In technical terms, the critical difference between Sub Ohm tanks and normal ones is that the atomizer used by a Sub Ohm tank has a resistance less than 1 ohm. Upon observation, it is clear that a sub ohm tank is capable of producing denser smoke in many large quantities than standard tanks. This is possible because a sub ohm tank can get much warmer than a standard tank. Moreover, Sub Ohm tanks provide better flavor than standard tanks while using a little more flavor than conventional containers.

FreeMax Kit

A vape kit is a complete vaping package, consisting of an entire set of mod, tank, coil, cable, etc. A vape Starter kit, as the name suggests are kits for relatively new vapers. They help new people understand and get accustomed to the settings on a standard vape device and help operate a device properly. Deciding what kit to use depends on the smokers preference of herb or E-Liquid smoking. With products such as the Free Max Fire lord and the FreeMax Conqueror, FreeMax has a solid line of Kits and Starter Kits that promise not only quality but style as well.

FreeMax Mod

Mods have modified in the form of E-Cigarettes and have several advantages over standard E-Cigarettes including better battery time, capacity and so on. The FreeMax mods such as the Firelord and Conqueror are well sought after in the market and are high-quality varieties.

FreeMax Box Mod

FreeMax Box Mods are given the name because of their box shapes. They are an advanced version of mods themselves and may enhance what better features a mod may have in comparison to normal E-Cigarettes.

FreeMax RBA

An Atomizer does the primary task of a vape, that is, it converts the E-Liquid into vapors (what you see as smoke). RBA, which stands for Rebuildable Atomizer, is a category of atomizers that gives you the liberty to build your coil. FreeMax RBAs are categorized and sold into its categories the FreeMax RTA and FreeMax RDTA.

FreeMax RTA

The RTA stands for Rebuildable Tank Atomizer. It is one of the types of an RBA and is different from the RDA in the sense that it does not employ Dripper Technology. The Free Max Fire luke is one of the RTAs that FreeMax deals in and is one of its star products.

FreeMax RDTA

RDTA stands for Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer and is different from the RTAs in the sense that it employs a dripping auto technology. The Free Max Starre RDTA is one of the RDTAs that FreeMax deals in and is a great product for vape lovers out there. With a 5ml E-Juice capacity, it is available in two colors, the black and silver.

FreeMax Coils

FreeMax Coils carry the current from the battery to the E-Liquid and, hence converting the E-Liquid into vapor. The coils should be changed after around 2 to 3 weeks depending upon the use and type of flavor used.

FreeMax Replacement Coils

Like every other machine, a Vape machine also requires regular maintenance. Part of that maintenance is changing coils. The coils, with time, wear out, and the taste begins to diminish. Realizing this need, FireMax manufactures high-quality replacement coils such as the Fire Max Fire lord. Given the reputation of Firemax, it is understood that these replacement coils are long-lasting.