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Candy King

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Dripmore has launched a new brand for vape juices, the Candy King e-liquid. They have taken over the e liquid market by reintroducing the classic movie theatre flavors, i.e., the candy flavors like candy belts which is their Candy King Belts, sour gummy worms which are their Candy King Sour Worms, sour patch kids which is there Candy King Batch and Bubble Gum which is their Candy King Swedish.Now these flavors may seem to be a bit odd for a normal person, but the individual who does have knowledge about these will find these flavors very interesting. Arguably targeting the younger generation, Candy King has introduced some fascinating flavors in the market that no one ever thought of before. There are many other flavors as well as watermelon etc. All these Candy King e liquids have a ratio of 80 VG to 20 PG and are bottled in a 100 ml unicorn bottle which has a natural dispensing event.This ideal VG/PG ratio is one of the key factors contributing to the popularity and success of Candy King.

Challenges for Candy King early on?

There is an excellent market for E-liquids & juices where many brands are competing very well coming up with their unique products and flavors each day. Getting a right place in such a market is a constant struggle and very difficult to achieve. The competitors keep a close eye on all the proceedings and ensure that their opponent is not going ahead of them. Hence, it becomes very difficult for new entrants to gain a strong hold in the vape market. However, Candy King has attained this with perfection and has made itself suit to all the constraints associated with staying in the market. They have brought all their five flavors namely Belts, which is a sour watermelon candy belt, the Sour worm which is a sweet and sour blend of fruity gummy candies, the Batch which is a mix of sweet and sour candies again, the Swedish which is a mixed berry candy and the Strawberry Watermelon which is a bubblegum flavored of two fruits.

How they tackled these challenges and succeeded as Candy King  Wholesale

Arriving with such a wide array of flavors didn’t necessarily guarantee success for Candy King. But somehow, they assured that people are being aware of their products and are valuing it high. They claimed the variety of flavors to be their niche. They hit the market with this bringing in a trend of candy-inspired flavors which is a unique and new concept to the vape industry. Moving on from custard and donuts flavored vapes, they have now introduced candy inspired vape juices

The best candy e-juice - Why they are best?

The introduction of these new flavors in the market solidified their control and helped them gain good customers in the market.WW Vape is the perfect online platform for you if you are a fan of vaping! All you need to is find the right flavor for yourself or if you are seeking for newer experiences you can opt to try the best possible flavors available on WW Vape at the most reasonable prices!

Why is Candy King liquid the Best?

This is one of the Best e juices available in the market as it has an excellent full range of flavors which are first, unique in the sense that they have been inspired by candy flavors which is a new concept to the industry relatively. Vaping customers love to be innovative. They are in constant search of new and exciting flavors that gives them a unique vaping experience. The reason why Candy King succeeded in becoming the best e juice producer in town is due to its wide range of innovative and exciting flavors. It is also easy on the pocket, and this is a perfect choice for vapes.


Why Do People like to Buy Candy King Juice?

Everyone likes to have affordable stuff, and Candy King is one of those. Affordability, when combined with excellent quality and quantity, becomes an even better combination, and therefore the choice of the majority as well. Compared to other Vaping brands that charge a fortune, Candy King offers its product for a reasonable price, making it affordable for everyone.


What are the Best Candy King Flavors?

Candy King Belt

The Candy King Belt is a robust and lively flavor of strawberry on inhaling which is more of a taste of ripe fresh strawberries rather than pure strawberry candies. It is further complemented with a sour flavoring which adds a twisty tinge to it. The inhale has a vibrant strawberry flavor more of a ripe strawberry rather than a candy strawberry, complimented by sour flavoring. When exhaled, a robust strawberry flavor is still there with the sour also remaining there. The cloud production is excellent as the VG ratio used is much higher than that of other brands. This is considered to be one of the most popular and demanding flavors of Candy King as it gives the customers a touch of sourness alongside some fruity flavoring’s courtesy strawberries.


Sour Worms

Sour Worms flavor is as stated earlier a sour gummy worm inspired flavor and is visible to have a robust sour flavor. It further contains some hints of citrus flavors like those of lemon and orange, with some possibility of the presence of strawberry and pineapple as well adding a tropical touch to it. It might be a bit difficult to determine the flavors contained in it, but it has a sweet fruit blend overall. The customers are not at all worried about the fruits included in the flavors due to the trust they have on the quality and flavors of Candy King. The exhale is a bit sweeter than the inhale and keeps itself intact with the candy range while sour is still poking somewhere here as well.