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Most of the people don't know about the difference of RDA, RTA and RDTA. These all are the categories of vaping atomizer. WWVape help you to understand about RDA vs RTA vs RDTA.

Becoming confused in the sea of terminologies that are a part of the vaping industry is a normal issue faced by people. In the simplest of languages, it should be understood that tanks are one of the most essential parts of the vaping mod. The word tank being used here is in a very broad sense to include all the methods used to include e juice in your vaping experience, without which there is really no vaping experience. When it comes to characterizing these ways, it includes a broad category of rebuildable atomizer which is then split into different sub categories.

What is an RBA?

RBA stands for Rebuildable Atomizers and the function is perfectly represented by the name. A Rebuildable Atomizer allows you the liberty to build your own coil to have a resistance of your own preference and hence a corresponding flavor and cloud profile. This liberty is appreciated by customers and that has led to enhanced development in the field, which is why you now come across several different types of Rebuildable Atomizers, such as RDAs, RTAs and RDTAs. Although all of these devices fulfill one common goal of making flavor available for vaping, they have features that set them apart.

What is an RDA?

The RDA is known as the Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer. These tanks consist of a deck, on which the vaper needs to mount the coil. The coil helps in creating the clouds and ensuring better flavors. The deck also contains the nodes that provide connection to the battery and ensure that the power supply in uninterrupted. Once the battery has been fired, it will heat up the coil and fumes will be created through the e-liquid. The RDAs do not have carrying facility of the e-liquid. The e-liquid is dripped on to the wicks and coils that allows the vaper to enjoy vaping. Some of the RDAs have been designed in a way that ensures that a bit of e-liquid gets accumulated on to the coil and wick and allow longer gaps between dripping. The maximum liquid that they can hold is only 1ml.


  1. They are easy to use.

  2. The flavors are enhanced.

  3. The clouds are excellent.

  4. Coils can be customized as per need and requirement.


  1. You need to carry e-liquid because you need to drip to vape.

  2. No storage capacity. Only limited amount of juice is stored, and you have to drip the liquid on a constant basis.​

  3. Leakage is a possible problem of not dripped properly.

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What is an RTA?

RTA is an abbreviation for the Rebuildable Tank Atomizer.  It has a metal chamber with a metal cap, this allows a perfect capping of the tank and prevents any kind of leakages. It contains a tank reservoir that holds the e-liquid. The e-liquid then drips from the chamber on to the coils and process of vaping begins. The e-liquid travels up to the wick and then on to the coils. The chamber allows the e-liquid to be dripped on to the coils through the tank reservoir that is inbuilt even with the entire RTA vs. RDTA debate. In RTA the dripping is automatic.


  1. No need to continuously drip the e-liquid.

  2. The RTA has a tank and therefore you do not need to carry the e-liquid around every time you travel.

  3. Longer vaping sessions are possible because it has a storage capacity. There are no interruptions.

  4. No need to refill quickly as you would need to drip in case of an RDA vaporizer.


  1. The coils come in fixed shape and sizes. There are limited designs.

  2. Do not function well with high capacity batteries.

  3. Leakage is a possibility in case the metal cap has not been screwed tightly.

  4. There is a possibility that the fullness of flavor maybe absent.

RDA vs. RTA:

These two basic types of RBA are two of the most common atomizers in the market and a debate about which one is better has long ensued. The reason for this debate is also the apparently opposite take on e liquid usage. Where an RDA required that you drip your liquid directly on the wicking material that quickly dries out and leaves you in need of more dripping. An RTA on the other hand, uses a tank that has to be filled before you begin vaping. The tank lasts much longer than the e liquid lasting inside the wicking material of an RDA.

Moreover, when it comes to cloud chasers, their choice is always an RDA. This is mostly because when you do use an RDA, you get the advantage of having a direct connection between the coils and the e liquid, which will, of course, produce great vapor in comparison to an RTA. However, this has been known to be harmful for your coils as it very easily gunks them up, especially when you use e liquids that are too sweet or have too much VG, which kind of beats the purpose of cloud chasing for some, while many continue to use it.

Another very important point of divergence between an RDA and an RTA is the obvious need to carry the e liquid. Where it seems that an RTA allows better options by reducing the need to carry the e liquid, a closer observation reveals that an RTA too has a major flaw in terms of holding the e liquid. This flaw is that the e liquid leaks from the tank of an RTA. This is not only messy, but also wastes a lot of your precious e liquid. However, if you do keep your vaping kit, upright at all times and do not always fill the tank entirely, you might be good to go with minimal leakage.

What is RDTA?

The RDTA is a relatively new invention but it is taking the vaping market by storm. The RDTA stands for Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer. It has been considered as the best solution as it has the working features of an RDA and the capacity of RTA. It features the deck build of an RDA. It has become one of the most sought after tank due to its multiple capacities of storage, cloud formation, and flavourful experience.

If you pay close attention, you might be able to see an RTA sitting on top of an RDA in a typical Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer. What essentially happens in an RDTA is that it stores the e liquid in a tank (hence the capacity of an RTA) and uses its deck to drip liquid on the wicking material (hence the working features of an RDA).


  1. It has a tank for holding e-liquid.

  2. Produces the best clouds.

  3. The flavors of the e-liquid are enhanced as that of an RDA.

  4. Coils are adjustable.


  1. It cannot be used with all the devices.

  2. Cannot be used by beginners as it requires tact and experience.

Is RDTA for You – RTA vs RDTA?

As it turns out, an RDTA is a relatively complex type of Atomizer that although is very new but is still somewhat rare. The reason for this is the fact that not only does an RDTA not work with every other vaping device, but also because it is not as easy to use. It is usually advised that vapers get a hang of how a normal atomizer such as an RDA or an RTA works before they dive into the complexities of an RDTA. This will help them not only understand an RDTA but also to maximize its full potential and have a great vaping experience.

Which Atomizer is the Best for You As a New Vaper?

With so many choices available only within the Rebuildable Atomizer types then it becomes increasingly difficult to decide which atomizer is best for you. To understand which one is best for you it was important that you be enlightened about the different types of atomizers that exist, which has already been laid out in front of you. This means that now it is fairly easy for you to assess which one of the two atomizers (since we have already established an RDTA is for more experienced vapers).

The choice depends on your preference more than anything. If you vape only to enjoy and are not interested in what really goes on inside a vape kit or want to mess around too much with your kit, then you should go for an RTA. An RTA will also allow you the liberty to move around without your e liquid. On the other hand, if you want to twerk around with your kit a little and try to get something new and a better experience, then you need to get an RDA. Although you will have to move around with your e liquid, but you will have the capacity to get the most out of your vaping experience, given that you put in enough effort to modify the RDA to your liking.

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