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How much does Vape cost in 2019

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How much does Vape cost


The vaping industry has gained ground swiftly over the last decade or so. Smokers usually switch to vaping to quit smoking, but one cannot give any final verdict about the fact whether the person quit smoking or not. Rather than smokers vaping is gaining popularity in youngsters, and both the categories are worried about how much does vape cost. At first, there was cig like e-liquid vaporizers that costs an arm and a leg. But the innovation within the manufacturing industry has made vaping much affordable in 2019. However, there were various questions like how much Vape liquid cost, how much does Vape coil cost, how much does vape cost, etc. must be arising in your mind. So here we are to answer all your queries. We have given the estimated costs of almost every product regarding Vape, which will help you a lot while buying vape products for yourself. 


How much does Vape cost

If you are afraid that vaping costs an arm and a leg, then you should not need to be worried about it because Vape fits in all budgets. From the past year, prices have little bit risen, but vapes can be still affordable. If your goal is to quit smoking, then you must know that vapes for beginners are pretty much affordable, simple devices in a wide range of style and performance. These devices are disposable or vape pens or pod mods etc. The average price ranges are:

Disposable Vape: $3-$6

Pod Systems: $15-$40

Vape Pens: $10-$30


These are the typical price ranges of vape products. Some vapes are expensive with better vaping quality, more innovative design, and rugged durability. If you desire to spend more than the given price ranges, you can go for it as well because you want the device. 

How much does Vape liquid cost

Vape liquid or vape juice is the most important factor in estimating the Cost of vapes. If your device is prefilled with e-liquid, the initial cost is generally less as compared to the refillable one. The Cost of vape juice directly depends on quality, ingredients, and size. But before depending on anything, check out the reviews and consult any specialist for it. In this way, you can get the pure flavor of your choice. Smaller bottles will be a great idea for beginners to try particular flavors. But if you are buying from a trusted place, then you can buy a larger bottle as well. 

In a prefilled device

Most prefilled devices hold a small amount of liquid, usually 1mL liquid. It will last for two to three days before needing to replace it. They are convenient but not much Cost-effective. They cost about $3-$7 per device. 


By bottles

Bottle sizes vary in sizes, and so the prices vary too. But prices cannot be predicted by the size of the bottle. Bottles of vape juices range from $15-$30. 


How much does Vape coil cost

Every Vape has a heating element that is needed to be changed after a particular period. You have to change your coil when the performance of your Vape drops off. Due to this reason, you have to include the Cost of a coil in your calculations. The most common price range of vape coils is $1-$5. The coils that come in cartridges need to be replaced after one week. Usually, you can expect to Vape between one to ten milliliters of e-liquid per day, but most of the vapers can do half of it. Consumption of nicotine depends on your device and the strength of e-liquids.


For Advance Vapers

Most vapers will be happy with their initial decision and never move forward for another category. Vapes are also categorized, and its range varies from person to person. For intermediate vapers, high wattage mods are paired with sub-ohm tanks. A standard dual battery vape ranges from $30-$60, and the sub-ohm tank will generally cost around $30-$50. Buying these products in a kit will expand a little bit price ranges from $40-$100. 

Hobbyist vapers use multiple battery mods, which may cost more than usual, but this can also be reduced because most hobbyists spend more than the average vaper. 

Advanced vapers will generally vape more, the prices they spend on e-liquids may vary. Sub-ohm tanks are available at impressive rates, but high-end MTL atomizers will consume a similar amount of juice. Except for this, many vapers make their vape juices, while others spend a lot of money on their favorite e-juice weekly. 


Average Cost of vaping 

When it comes to the average cost of vaping, there are a lot of things that you need to consider. Your experience level, budget, and brand awareness will show which product you are going to buy. You also need to think about the additional cost related to the Vape, for instance, type of tank, coil, and liquids. Whatever choice you made ultimately, you will observe that vaping is cheaper than smoking. 


Tips to save more Cost

Here are some handy tips to save more money while vaping 

  • Buy second-hand vapes for saving money. 

  • You can purchase your vape juice from cheaper brands as well, who are providing better fraction in less money. 

  • DIYing your vape juice could save a lot of money. 


Affordable vape pens and liquids in the first month collectively cost you as little as $50, while the full-featured box will go up to $100. After buying Vape, you should expect an average of $30-$50 per month for coils and liquids. Disposable vapes come with a minimal amount of money, but it increases the monthly costs depending on consumption. But if you do not want to go through trial and error, then disposable vapes are an excellent and practical solution

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