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Are E-Cigarettes Beneficial for Your Health

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Are E-Cigarettes Beneficial for Your Health

While considering switching to e-cigarettes from the tobacco ones, most people have one question in mind; is it really better for me? Will it benefit me? Are they really better from the traditional ones? Most people think that they are harmful to their lungs. Let me burst your bubble and tell you, they are not much harmful. It is the perfect way to transition from tobacco cigarette to no-smoking without harming your lungs. Here are a few pointers which indicate why they are better for you;

How are Electronic Cigarettes Beneficial for Your Health?

1. Say Goodbye to Clinging Scent of the Tobacco

Most smokers themselves hate the smell that lingers on to them after they are done smoking. It screams out aloud; “Hey! I have just smoked!” With E-Cigarettes, this is no longer a problem. Non smokers definitely give you a weird look when you smell of tar and other nasty chemicals. E-cigarettes do not create smoke, instead, they create a vapour. It is as enjoyable as the tobacco cigarette but won’t make you smell like one.

2. Less Expensive than Conventional Cigarettes

The price for the conventional cigarettes has increased significantly over the past few years. It has almost tripled its actual price over the period of last decade. Smokers who are used to smoking 10 or more cigarettes a day spend a fortune every month. Now, if you compare it to vaping, the costs are significantly reduced. You only need to spend only once, on the starter kit, afterwards, you can simply rely on purchasing the liquids which are not expensive at all. You can also make use of bulk-buy offers. This way the expense is significantly reduced. They are reusable and rechargeable and you won’t be creating additional waste in the environment as well.

3. The Safety Aspect

They are safe, you are not burning anything so there won’t be any accidents. Moreover, you will not be harming others by exhaling tobacco. You will have three wins; your health, the health of others around you as well as a healthier, more sustainable environment.

4. Tobacco Cigarettes are bad for Your Health

Throughout the years there have been endless examinations done on the tobacco smoking propensity which have all inferred that smoking a cigarette or a pipe is not good for your health. Coronary illness with respiratory concerns are just the beginning. The reality of the situation is that tobacco cigarettes are loaded with nasty chemicals. E-cigarettes are loaded with e fluids which contain a PG or VG base, differing levels of nicotine if required (nicotine free fluids are accessible as well) and a variety of flavours. The distinction between the two is extremely self-evident. Once you switch over to E-Cigarettes, only then you will be able to see the difference between the two.

5. E-Cigarettes are Considered More Sociable

All the smokers know that situation really well when they have to step out in the middle of the party or an event because they have to smoke. Now, you don’t have to be that person anymore. There will be no more awkward social situations for you.

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