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5 Reasons Why do Your Vape Taste Burnt? How to Fix It?

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5 Reasons Why do Your Vape Taste Burnt? How to Fix It?

Pour E Liquid, turn on the kit, amp up the wattage and smoke; vaping is that simple, right? Wrong. There is so much more to vaping that you do not know. WWVape has always felt the need to not only sell products but also keep its customers informed. So, WW Vape takes it upon itself to inform you that vaping is not just that simple. At times, when you vape you may feel a burnt taste to your flavor. Why that happens? Here are the five major reasons and how to fix them:

1. COIL:

The first and foremost concern when the flavor tastes burnt is that the coil is burnt. Coils are not supposed to last a lifetime. Whether your coil is an expensive high-end coil or a cheap one, it will eventually burn out. That is the time that you go and buy a new coil to use with your vape kit. Also, it is not the burnt taste that will indicate that your coil has burnt out. You will notice the flavor fading from your inhale as your coil gets older and older. It is preferred that you change your coil when you feel the flavor fading instead of waiting for the coil to completely burn out.

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Vapes are not supposed to be used all day. They are supposed to be used for one session and then left to rest before you want another session. Vaping non-stop will mean that you do not give your wick the time to moisten up before you smoke it. This will also give you dry puffs and you will start to hate the flavor altogether. To solve this problem, make sure you let your kit rest.


The Wattage has a lot more to do with your flavor than you think. Usually, when you buy a coil, it comes with its own preferred temperature range. However, if you ignore that range and work it at wattage other than the recommended one, you will feel the faded flavor and probably a burnt taste. Therefore, it is always recommended that you set the watts on your kit based on your coil specifications no matter how inclined you are to amp it up to get a great smoke.


You may feel that since all the vape liquids are made up of the same 4 basic constituents, they have the same effect on your kit and coil. However, that is not true. Dessert-themed flavors include lots and lots of sweetener. This sweetener reduces the life of your coils, giving you a burnt taste. If you are very fond of sweet flavors, you must be ready to change coils very often.


Everything requires maintenance and vape coils are no exception. One of the very important factors that may lead to a burnt taste on your flavor is the fact that your coils are not clean because you just jump from one flavor to the other instead of cleaning your coils in between. So, remember to keep your coils clean if you want a good vaping experience.

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